Dr. Blende took time to really understand my issues. He did his homework, and I can see and feel the results.

Marc’s mother referred Marc to The Blende Dental Group upon his return to the Bay Area after attending college on the East Coast. Throughout his life, Marc had spent a great deal of time with dentists because of his involvement in high-impact sports.  He learned a good deal about what defines a high quality dentist. “I walked in here very skeptical, but they made me feel at ease.” he says. He elaborates that his first positive impressions played out over time. “They are not only kind and caring, but have provided the best level of care at each stage of the process.”

The Blende Dental Group carefully assessed Marc’s situation and created a plan to do important restorative work to address ongoing issues Marc had with his bite. Due to his activities, which included aerial freestyle ski racing, playing water polo at a national level, competitive skateboarding, rock climbing, and jujitsu, he had some teeth knocked out and had also experienced some jaw trauma. “Dr. Blende took the time to really understand my issues,” he says.  Marc was also impressed by the quality standards at The Blende Dental Group. For example, Marc explains, “He even sent back crowns because they were not perfect.” He adds, “The work he did is esthetic and functional and will last me a lifetime.”

Marc is a student completing his MBA. He is doing his field study in the area of waste management and is particularly interested in helping improve the availability of information on inefficiencies that exist in recycling programs.

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