Dentistry Services: Awake, Asleep, at Home, Emergencies

Awake (for general needs)

Oral Conscious sedation dental patient

Dr. Blende took time to really understand my issues. I can see and feel the results. — Marc

For general patients, we provide quality dental care in-office. We define quality care as the safest, longest-lasting and most aesthetically pleasing result.

There are several factors that enable this quality of care:
• The dental team refined their signature aesthetic skills in private practices in Beverly Hills, San Francisco and Switzerland.
• We use highly skilled technicians to create our crowns and bridges. There is a much larger differential in quality of dental materials and craftsmanship than most people realize.
• Our hygiene department meets the highest standards of care and emphasizes prevention and patient involvement. Ensuring long-lasting dental results that meet individualized health- and lifestyle needs is critical.

Asleep (sedation options)

Dental Sedation Patient

I knew that my life depended on finding a dentist like Dr. Blende.— Elizabeth

Has it been years since you have seen your dentist?
If it’s been years since your last trip to the dentist, your circumstances may be preventing you from receiving proper dental care. Challenges to receiving dental care can include phobias and/or physical, medical or cognitive challenges. Here is a detailed list of medical conditions and special needs we can help. The Blende Dental Group is a practice that is dedicated to serving people like you.

We are a team of medical dentists. We have experience and training in hospital settings and have successfully treated a diverse range of individuals with complex needs over the past 40 years.

The Blende Dental Group works with each individual to determine the most appropriate sedation approach. For those who need to be asleep, we offer options both in our office and at the hospital. We provide oral medications, inhalation agents, I.V. sedation, and general anesthesia for those with mild to severe anxiety, or those who cannot physically, medically, or cognitively tolerate dentistry.

Our multi-disciplinary approach to managing the complexities of treating patients with special needs includes physician anesthesiologists, medical doctors and leading dental specialists who deliver care in our office suite or in local hospital settings on a daily basis.

At Home (for the homebound)

In home or home bound dental patient

Having my dentist come to my residence has made a world of difference. —Sarah

Are you or a loved one homebound? Let our dentists and hygienists come to you.

For individuals who have physical, medical or cognitive challenges that make it difficult to travel to the dentist, we provide house calls. We care for hundreds of patients in their homes or senior communities each year, serving those who live within a 60-mile radius of San Francisco.

We are committed to removing all barriers to receiving dental care, regardless of age or infirmity. If someone has difficulty traveling to a dentist, our team will bring the care directly to them.

Our fully equipped team of dentists, registered dental assistants, and mobile hygienists provide in-home dental evaluations and treatment with portable dental equipment. Based on our assessment and determination of the level of care required, treatment may be delivered in the home, or under sedation in our office or in the hospital. Providing sedation in any of these locations allows us to complete care in as few as one or two visits.

We partner with families, care facilities and health care providers, including dentists, physicians, care managers and social workers to develop a targeted daily dental care plan that compliments successful treatment.

Dental Emergencies (24/7)

When you go through a traumatic experience like I did, you realize having a staff that helps you relax is crucial. — Chris

The Blende Dental Group is qualified to treat many forms of dental emergencies. You may be able to avoid an unnecessary trip to a hospital emergency room if you call us first. Our team of dental professionals have years of combined experience and routinely treat patients at several San Francisco Bay Area hospitals. Please review the biographies of our dentists (link). For emergencies, we are on-call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, providing same day response to dental emergencies.

Your phone call to 1.877.HOUSE.07 (1.877.468.7307) will contact our office directly during office-hours and our dentist on call after hours,  available 24×7. We are currently serving the San Francisco Bay Area for Emergency Services.

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