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We believe in helping our communities and supporting our neighbors as a vital healthcare resource for dental practices that can’t offer specialized services.

Our mission is to provide access to comprehensive dental care for patients with special needs, including those with physical, medical, or cognitive challenges.

Some older adults have difficulty keeping up with their dental care due to a lack of mobility, more pressing medical concerns, or the limitations of a fixed income. But untreated periodontal disease and tooth decay will negatively impact their overall health. A dentist for seniors can help.

Our oral health program for senior communities addresses their special needs.

Mobile Dentistry

We offer house calls for those who are homebound, including 24/7 treatment for dental emergencies..


Dental Screenings

During in-residence screenings, we quickly identify oral health problems including cavities, gum disease, and denture issues. In close collaboration with the families and caregivers, we treat the most pressing issues immediately, and schedule follow-up care as necessary.

Cleanings/Hygiene Services

Part of our oral care plan includes referring our patients to a mobile hygienist who is licensed to care for those with special needs.

This professional, called an RDHAP (Registered Dental Hygienist of Alternative Practice), provides in-home hygiene services at the community, including oral evaluations, professional cleanings, fluoride treatments and oral hygiene instruction.

Hospitals, Medical Doctors and Care Managers

Our team of dentists and dental assistants are on staff at hospitals across the Bay Area and New York City. We partner with medical doctors and local hospitals, who call upon us to coordinate treatment in some of the following areas.

Emergency Department:

  • Jaw fractures and related facial reconstruction
  • Extractions and avulsed teeth
  • Biopsies, pathology, oral medicine
  • Dental pain
  • Airway obstruction


Patients with head and neck cancer can reduce the possibility of post-radiation osteonecrosis by eliminating oral infection in the target zone prior to the initiation of radiation treatment.



Patients about to undergo certain types of cardiac surgery, especially valve replacements, benefit from addressing periodontal infection and dental abscesses prior to surgery, which reduces the risk of failure from infection.


Inpatient Calls

Hospitalists, internal medicine physicians, infection control physicians, and transplant surgeons rely on our dentists and oral surgeons to treat systemic infections on the floor. Services include portable digital x-rays, in-room dental hygiene, and in-room procedures, including extractions.

We tailor our models of care to meet our patients’ individual needs..

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