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We serve as a resource for our community to help those with special needs receive access to dental care, including those with physical, medical or cognitive challenges.

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Our partners

Sixty percent of our patients are referred by health care providers with whom we work closely to administer care. These providers include dentists, physicians, care managers, and social workers.

We are dedicated to being a resource for all health care providers, including:

Dentists and Hygienists

For referring dentists and hygienists, we provide the following services:

  • Return of patient to referring dental team for routine care
  • Full spectrum of sedation options, ranging from nitrous oxide to general anesthesia
  • Team of specialists, including endodontists, periodontists, oral surgeons and pediatric dentists
  • Same day treatment
  • Compassionate staff specifically trained to support special needs
Senior Communities

Some older adults are not able to keep up with their dental care due to a lack of mobility,  more pressing medical concerns or the limitations of a fixed income. The reality, however, is that untreated periodontal disease and tooth decay negatively impact an older person’s overall health status. A dentist for seniors can help.

Our dental team is frequently asked by patients’ families if it makes sense to invest in the teeth of a person in their 70′s, 80′s or 90′s.  We work with those families and their health care providers to match our care to the needs of each individual. For some, it is palliative care to preserve comfort. Whereas for others, it is restorative care to allow the patient to continue to socialize and/or enjoy meals. Many do not realize that, to remain active and engaged in full lives, older people need strong teeth and gums in order to support speech, the enjoyment of food and good conversation. Strong teeth facilitate digestion and deliver essential nutrients to the fragile systems of the older adult. We work together with the patient’s family and health care team to determine the priorities for each individual.

Our oral health program for senior communities includes:

House calls for those who are homebound and for their dental emergencies 24/7.

Dental screenings
During our in-residence screenings, we quickly identify oral health problems, including cavities, gum disease and denture issues. Based on a team decision, with the families and caregivers, we treat the most pressing issues immediately, and schedule follow-up care as necessary.

Cleanings/hygiene services
Part of our oral care plan includes referring our patients to a mobile hygienist, who is licensed specifically to work with those with special needs. This professional, called an RDHAP (Registered Dental Hygienist of Alternative Practice), provides in-home hygiene services at the community, including oral evaluations, professional cleanings, fluoride treatments and oral hygiene instruction.

Hospitals, Medical Doctors and Care Managers

Dr. David Blende is Chief of the Dental Division at two major San Francisco hospitals. Our team of dentists and dental assistants are on staff at eight Bay Area hospitals.

We partner with medical doctors and local hospitals, who call upon us to coordinate treatment in areas such as the following:

Emergency Department:

  • Jaw fractures and related facial reconstruction
  • Extractions and avulsed teeth
  • Biopsies, pathology, oral medicine
  • Dental pain
  • Airway obstruction

Oncology: Patients with head and neck cancer can reduce the possibility of post-radiation osteonecrosis by eliminating oral infection in the target zone prior to the initiation of radiation treatment.

Cardiology: Patients about to undergo certain types of cardiac surgery, especially valve replacements, benefit from addressing periodontal infection and dental abscesses prior to surgery to reduce the risk of failure from infection.

Inpatient Calls: Hospitalists, internal medicine physicians, infection control physicians, and transplant surgeons rely on our dentists and oral surgeons for the treatment of systemic infections on the floor.  Services include: portable digital x-rays, in-room dental hygiene, and in-room procedures, including extractions.

Our collaborative approach

We individualize our care to match the diverse needs of each patient.  For some, it is palliative care to preserve the patient’s comfort. For others, it is restorative  care which allows the patient to continue to socialize and retain their ability to enjoy meals. We take a conservative approach, addressing the most urgent needs first.  In every step of the process, we communicate with all decision-makers, collaboratively addressing concerns from each perspective. This is integral to the development of all treatment plans. We proceed when all those involved are comfortable with each decision and with the overall plan for the patient’s dental care and well-being.

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