When you go through a traumatic experience like I did, you realize having a staff that helps you relax is crucial.

Chris Murphy, an avid cyclist and motorcycle rider and had never had an accident. Last spring, luck was not on his side and he had two accidents, one on his bike, followed by one on his motorcycle. When Chris Murphy’s bicycle failed on a street in the SOMA (South of Market) district of San Francisco, he went over the handlebars fracturing and knocking out several teeth.

The Emergency Department physicians at the California Pacific Medical Center (CPMC) called The Blende Dental Group because Dr. Blende is a hospital dentist who is Chief of the Dental Division at the CPMC and is known for his ability to triage emergency dental cases.

The Blende Dental Group performed the necessary procedures to get Chris through the night. The next morning, he started the process of restoration, which required the efforts of the dentist, an oral and maxillofacial surgeon (to place implants) and a periodontist (to repair gums.) Generally, the total time for a definitive restoration of missing teeth with implants required depends on factors such as how well the patient’s own bones fuses with the implant, etc. Luckily for Chris, everything has gone smoothly. He says that, cosmetically, he notices no difference between his mouth before and after the accident, which involved the loss of two of his front four teeth.

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