“I am proof that this miracle can happen.
Dr. Blende is the best!”

You’re not Dreaming

Going to sleep and waking up with a healthy mouth and a happy smile might be just a dream to some, but not for the Bay Area’s Arup Sarkar. As a senior tech lead for a major San Francisco financial institution, Arup understands putting innovative tools into experienced hands can result in great things, but when it came to his own oral health, he lacked the confidence to get the help he had wanted for so long. Arup’s fears were not uncommon – given the amount of problems he had, Arup thought there would surely be significant pain, bleeding, and swelling. Dental work can be time consuming, and he just couldn’t take that much time off from work. And what if, after all that, he wasn’t happy with the results? Doing nothing was Arup’s solution – until he was introduced to Dr. Blende and the concept of “Asleep” dentistry.

After being introduced to the Blende Dental Group by friends in New York, Arup scheduled a consultation back home in San Francisco. He remained highly skeptical. The consultation was very informative and thorough. He understood the process, the expected outcomes, and the costs. Armed with the details of his options Arup was able to make an educated decision.  Asleep dentistry sounded too good to be true, but he was ready to have the smile he had always wanted.

This was Arup’s first time ever going under general anesthesia. The anesthesiologist called him and answered all his questions, and Arup credits the entire staff’s help and support for making him feel ready. Our team went to work and with one simple surgery under general anesthesia, completed several procedures including 5 extractions, 15 crowns, a general cleaning and Nightguard. Arup woke up to no pain and no swelling and really did feel like he was dreaming. The surgery was on a Saturday, the following Monday was a holiday, and Arup headed back to work on Tuesday – so no down time was necessary.

When asked about follow up visits, Arup continues to praise the team. “They want to do the right thing. If it takes twice as much time to do the right thing, they do it. They make sure everything is done right before I leave the chair. The Blende team is very outcome oriented and completely attuned to customer service.” Arup adds “the fact that they are open 7 days per week is a huge help to my schedule.”

Arup is finally proud of his smile and is quick to let others know “I am proof that this miracle can happen. Dr. Blende is the best!” Of course, we don’t call it a miracle, but we do agree that great things can happen when the right technology is put in the right hands.

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