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Awake (for general needs)

Dr. Blende took time to really understand my issues. I can see and feel the results. — Marc

For general patients, we provide quality dental care in-office. We define quality care as the safest, longest-lasting and most aesthetically pleasing result.

There are several factors that enable this quality of care:
• The dental team refined their signature aesthetic skills in private practices in Beverly Hills, San Francisco and Switzerland.
• We use highly skilled technicians to create our crowns and bridges. There is a much larger differential in quality of dental materials and craftsmanship than most people realize.
• Our hygiene department meets the highest standards of care and emphasizes prevention and patient involvement. Ensuring long-lasting dental results that meet individualized health- and lifestyle needs is critical.

Q: Do you accept insurance?
A: We are a fee-for-service practice and assist patients in maximizing their dental benefits by submitting an insurance claim on their behalf.

Q: Does the Blende Dental Group accept Medicare/Medical?
A: No. These programs do not cover dental care, as they are health care plans.

Q: What is the role of the Patient Care Coordinator?
A: Your Patient Care Coordinator will be your dedicated single point of contact with our office. S/he is your personal advocate for dental care. S/he will help you with all of your arrangements, including scheduling, financial considerations, treatment planning, coordination of specialists and any other communication regarding your dental appointment.

Q: Can I tell you my problem and receive a diagnosis over the phone?
A: A dentist must conduct an in-person oral examination before offering any diagnoses. That examination is part of your initial dental appointment.

Q. Do you offer in-office whitening?
A: Yes. This new, in-office professional whitening is aesthetic, painless and some say, relaxing. It takes about 20 minutes during an in-office dental appointment. It leaves one’s teeth looking about half a shade lighter, so it is a fast and natural-looking way to brighten up a smile for about six months. We also provide you with an at-home booster to extend the effectiveness of the treatment. We recommend that you schedule a whitening after your hygiene appointment.

Q: Where can I find  a list or an explanation for the different procedures you perform?
A: See below for a list of basic procedures. For explanations, see  The American Dental Association’s explanation of various procedures at: www.mouthhealthy.org

Basic Procedures
Crowns (porcelain, zirconium, lava, gold)
Dental sealants
Dentures (partial, full, fixed or removable)
Enamel re-shaping
Fluoride treatments
Full mouth restoration
Laser gum reshaping
Oral cancer screening
Periodontal (gum) treatment
Professional cleaning
Root canal therapy (endodontics)
Scaling and root planing (non-surgical gum treatment)
Teeth whitening /bleaching
Veneers (cosmetic dentistry)

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