Providing individualized dental care for patients awake, asleep, or at home

Are you looking for an individualized approach to dental care? The Blende Dental Group is home of the House Call Dentists, serving both general patients and those with special needs, including seniors and those with phobias or disabilities.

We are a medical-dental group with over 40 years of experience, and care for a diverse range of patients by individualizing treatment, either Awake (for general patients); Asleep (sedation options); or At Home (for the homebound).

We also offer Emergency Dental Care (24/7).

The Blende Dental Group, a San Francisco Dentist office, has earned its reputation as a national leader in the treatment of patients with special needs by safely and successfully completing thousands of complex cases. We understand your needs and can help.

Our vision is to remove barriers to receiving dental care.
Our mission is changing lives one smile at a time: Awake, Asleep, or At Home.

Our collaborative approach

We individualize our care to match the diverse needs of each patient. For some, it is palliative care to preserve the patient’s comfort. For others, it is restorative care which allows the patient to continue to socialize and retain their ability to enjoy meals. We take a conservative approach, addressing the most urgent needs first. In every step of the process, we communicate with all decision-makers, collaboratively addressing concerns from each perspective. This is integral to the development of all treatment plans. We proceed when all those involved are comfortable with each decision and with the overall plan for the patient’s dental care and well-being.

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