Walter Fries

Patient: Walter Fries

Type: At Home to Asleep
Gender: Male
Age: 81
Referral Source: Dr. Harley and Steven Williams D.M.D.
Medical Profile: Alzheimer’s disease (late stage)
Chief Complaint: Severe oral pain and trouble eating 


Walter Fries suffers from late stage Alzheimer’s and woke up one day suffering from a serious tooth abscess. His son Daniel contacted their local hospital and primary dentist, but neither were able to help. He even checked with the local Alzheimer’s Association, and they had no idea what to do. He felt disheartened at how ill-informed everybody was. Finally, a colleague referred him to the Blende Dental Group.

After the initial exam they scheduled a full sedation dental surgery in collaboration with Kaiser. Dr. Blende and his team were able to extract 3 teeth and do 18 fillings; essentially reconstructing Mr. Fries’ mouth in less than 3 hours while he was under sedation.

The results were very positive. The recovery was short and easy, and Walter doesn’t appear to be in pain any longer. Beyond better oral health, the family and healthcare providers state that he has “more pep in his step”, that his appetite has doubled and his general mood is no longer lethargic.

The Blende Dental Group’s Patient Care Coordinators arranged for in home services for ongoing routine cleanings and oral hygiene.

Dental Team: 

David Blende, D.D.S. (performed the treatment), Deborah Chau, D.D.S. (did initial exam and consultation), Victoria Cameron & Kiki Brice – Registered Dental Assistants, Elisabeth Wong – Sedation Care Coordinator

Treatment Summary:

Comprehensive exam
4 quads SC/RP
Crown lengthening lower right quadrant
3 teeth extracted
18 composite fillings

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