TYPE: House Call
AGE: 75
SPECIAL NEED: Non-ambulatory
MEDICAL HISTORY: Back surgery, hypotension
CHIEF COMPLAINT: Mobile teeth causing discomfort
MAINTENANCE CARE: Annual House Call Exam

BACKGROUND: John’s wife called because his loose teeth were bothering him. His last dental visit was 20 years ago and his oral condition reportedly declined after he had spinal surgery and pneumonia. All of John’s remaining teeth were very mobile due to advanced periodontal disease. Four house call visits later, John had a new maxillary denture and, at a follow up visit, reported he ate steak the night before.

Severe vertical and horizontal bone loss
Periodontal abscesses
Caries #11, 27
Root Tips #17
Missing Crown #19

Prosthetics and Oral Surgery: Erica Haskett, D.D.S.
Primary Care Physician: Hugh Laurie, N.P.
Lab: Rainbow Dental Laboratory

Extractions #6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 27
Complete Maxillary denture

TREATMENT DETAILS: The initial exam and extractions were performed on the same day. Three more house call visits were necessary to complete the upper denture. John will continue his treatment as the need arises.

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