TYPE:  House Call
AGE: 68
SPECIAL NEED: Non-ambulatory, bedbound
MEDICAL HISTORY: Obese (320+ pounds), Type II diabetes, osteoarthritis, hypertension, 10 daily medications taken
CHIEF COMPLAINT: Throbbing pain for 2 days, lower left molars
MAINTENANCE CARE: RDHAP (mobile hygienist)

BACKGROUND: Alan’s symptoms included pain when eating on the left side of his mouth and mild facial swelling. His limited mobility from arthritis and obesity prompted him to contact his previous dentist who recommended our house call services. Alan lived in a two story house with a caregiver who stayed with him during the day.

Alan after treatmentCLINICAL FINDINGS
#18 periapical pathology, distal root caries, large alloy, distal fractur
#19 periodontal abscess, severe radicular bone loss and previous root canal therapy with a crown

Oral Surgery: Erica Haskett, D.D.S.

Simple extractions #18 & #19

TREATMENT DETAILS: Alan was prescribed an antibiotic and post-op medication for discomfort.

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