“There are but a handful of dentists who have the expertise to perform complex full-mouth rehabilitation under general anesthesia. [Mandy] had one of the most severe cases of anomalous dentition that I have observed in my twenty-five years of special care practice. Because there was no one in my area who could treat her, I felt fortunate to be able to refer this patient to Dr. Blende.”
Ray A. Lyons, DDS, FADPD
Chief of Dental Services, LLCP Special Needs Dental Clinic

Welcome Back Mandy!

Mandy Robbins lives in New Mexico. She has profound autism and a history of seizures. As Mandy’s permanent teeth came in, she developed hypoplastic dominate Amelogenesis Imperfecta. This condition impeded the formation of enamel on her teeth, leaving them brittle, full of caries and very sensitive. She also suffered from a severe overbite that prevented her teeth from closing properly and chronic parafunctional bruxism that left her without adequate chewing surfaces.

In 2004, at age 21, Mandy was referred by Dr. Ray Lyons, her hometown dentist. We worked with Dr. Lyons to sketch out a treatment plan for Mandy’s full-mouth rehabilitation − to be completed in less than a week. After 27 crowns, 5 extractions, root canal therapy on 3 teeth, and 4 quadrants SC/RP, she went home with functional chewing surfaces and a big happy smile!

In 2015, we welcomed Mandy and her parents back for a quick a one-day visit to our office where she received treatment under general anesthesia for bridge prep #6-8, decoronation #7, and 4 quadrants SC/RP. She returned home that evening and her custom bridge, created by our on-site lab, was sent to Dr. Lyons for cementation in his office without sedation.

Mandy’s dental health continues to be maintained by Dr. Lyons in Albuquerque and we continue to enjoy updates on her life.

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