As the mom of a child with special needs, you realize how few health care practitioners are qualified to work with this audience. The Blende Dental Group fills this crucial role. — Sally

Jonah is 10 years old and has autism, as well as a seizure disorder, which were diagnosed at a young age. He loves playing on the swing in his backyard. His favorite favorite snack is pumpkin bread. His mother, Sally Brammell, is a lawyer as well as a consultant and advocate for insurance reform to promote coverage of patients with autism and other spectrum disorders. Her organization successfully helped pass a new law, enacted in July, 2012, to mandate more significant coverage of those with spectrum disorders in the state of California.

Sally provided The Blende Dental Group with her perspective on the issue of dental care specifically geared to those with special needs.

“There is an insufficient number of medical professionals who are skilled in complex health requirements of children (or adults) with disabilities,” she explains. “The Blende Dental Group understands issues that confront our community of patients spectrum disorders.” She added that the fact that The Blende Dental Group does house calls is very important to this population, who need a service like this.

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