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The best possible dental care is to help us understand our oral health from a long-term perspective and even anticipate issues before they come up. — Carmen Policy

Carmen and Gail have been patients at the Blende Dental Group since 2004. Though originally from Ohio, they have become fixtures in the Bay Area and in Northern California. Carmen served as president and chief executive officer of the San Francisco 49ers and played a key role in Super Bowl victories for the 49ers in 1985, 1989, 1990 and 1995. More recently, Gail and Carmen opened a winery in Napa Valley called Casa Piena, where they help educate the community about the tastes of a finer quality of wine which they produce. They are also dedicated to the cause of civil rights, among other issues, which they support through a program they designed and endowed at the Georgetown University Law Center, where Carmen also earned his law degree.

We enjoyed learning more about this couple through their perspective on health care, which includes having their own family dentists and hygienists at The Blende Dental Group.

The Policy’s were introduced to The Blende Dental Group between moves. After Carmen’s tenure at The San Francisco 49ers was over, he and Gail briefly moved back to Cleveland. However, they realized they felt more at home in San Francisco, and moved back to “settle” in the Bay Area in 2004. With the mindset that this was now “home,” they decided to find a great dentist in the area as well.  They had heard rave reviews from a close friend, a patron of the arts in San Francisco, Yurie Pasqueralla, and joined the practice as a result of her referral. Because of the special kind of dental work done at The Blende Dental Group, it is often by personal recommendations such as these that the practice takes on new patients.

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