Blende Dental Patient Stories

We serve a diverse range of patients. One thing that most of the them has in common is a willingness to share their stories. They do this because they know how hard it was to find a practice like ours and because of commitment to them.

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ArupArup needed extensive dental work but was fearful of the pain and worried about the time commitment. Asleep dentistry was a dream come true.

betty-kouns-and-son-thomas-croppedBetty Kouns suffers from late-stage Alzheimer’s and as a result, significant tooth decay and gum disease. The Blende team not only restored Betty’s mouth to a healthy state, but witnessed a significant improvement in her overall health and quality of life.

BruceBruce Oka has cerebral palsy. Thanks to a complex and successful case performed by The Blende Dental Group, Bruce now has a beautiful smile.

Cailan, a teen with Autism, had the combined challenges of difficulty communicating with others along with past trauma at the hands of dentists not equipped to handle special needs. A customized office visit and a complete treatment plan delivered while asleep, in a hospital setting, was able to provide the care and comfort he needed.

Carmen & Gail PolicyCarmen and Gail were looking for a new dentist when they moved to San Francisco from Ohio. They were delighted to find the Blende Dental Group.

ChrisThe emergency room at California Pacific Medical Center (CPMC) called The Blende Dental Group because Chris required emergency dental work in the hospital.

WaltAlzheimer’s patient, Walter Fries, suffered from a serious tooth abscess. Asleep dentistry allowed the Blende Dental Group team to restore Walter’s health, as well as the peace of mind for those that care about him.

ElizabethHospitalization had become routine Elizabeth, due to her Crohn’s Disease.

JonahJonah has special needs and needs a special team for dentistry.

MandyMandy has profound autism and developed a serious disorder of tooth development. We gave her back a functional chewing surface and a big happy smile.

MatthewMatthew had a serious motorcycle accident that destroyed his teeth and overall oral health – until he woke up to a full set of teeth, no pain, and a great smile.

MindyMindy is phobic and traveled to San Francisco to see Dr. Blende for her dental work. She’s found a dental group that knows how to make her feel comfortable and safe.

Sarah-MarieDue to her dementia, leaving the memory care unit at Age Song was not an option for Sarah Marie.

Jill fell and needed an urgent solution to prevent her  from having to wear removable dentures, which never could have worked, given her special needs.

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